Be Careful of SEO Services That Don’t Deliver – Checking Credentials

Mercy Tuff   August 3, 2015   Comments Off on Be Careful of SEO Services That Don’t Deliver – Checking Credentials

More than ever, you could start a new business online without having any education or experience in the field that you want to jump into. Bloggers do this all the time, starting from scratch and making business moves in worlds that they are not experts in. In the past, if you wanted to be a journalist (for instance), you would have to work your way up through college, and then land a job with a newspaper or other source. That’s all gone, because you can simply blog your way to the top and get more traction, exclusive interviews, and information than ever before. The same can be said with internet technologies, and engineering such as SEO services.

seo servicesThere are some horror stories from people that have hired someone to help them with their website and when the smoke and mirrors stopped being presented, they were left with little to nothing. If you have spent any amount of money on SEO services and haven’t seen one iota of a return on investment, then you most definitely can relate to the stories that people have posted online. There are some ways that you can avoid getting scammed, especially when most of these scammers use the same tricks over and over again. The following should help you get real optimization done, utilizing quality services and providers.

Look For Their Website and Test It For Functionality

The number one thing that an online provider will have in place is a website. If they don’t have a website, not even a social media profile, be wary. There are a lot of SEO services that work within forums, and other locales. They even post ads on classified websites, and wait for someone to email or call them. They then jump into “sales” mode and sell you on services that you don’t need or don’t want. Instead of going through those avenues, simply look for their official website (if they have one) and test it for functionality. Click through, read what is written, and see whether or not they are putting their best foot forward. If you can’t really find them, then you don’t want to use them for the purposes of promoting your website.

Ask For References, Look For Reviews, and Test Them

If you are serious about hiring any SEO services that are online, ask for client references. If they don’t have any, then simply search online for reviews of their work. You’ll find that a good portfolio, client list, and references are standard in the world of online business. If you can’t isolate any of their past clients, and they don’t have a way of proving to you that they know how to work with search engine optimization, then you shouldn’t spend any money with them. Do not spend money on any time of internet marketing blindly, it’s easy to do, and it will usually not pay off well.

Consider Their Plan Carefully

Every major company has a plan of action to get your website noticed. Read what is involved with their proprietary methodology and ask them specific questions. Focus on asking about how they work and only work with them if they are up to date with the methods they are using. Searching online for “SEO methods” and seeing what has recently been posted by experts is a good start. Never just blindly give your money to someone that claims they are an expert. Consider everything that they are going to do, and explore online whether or not it’s conducive to getting traffic.

Search engine optimization, and SEO services that provide this type of work can promise one thing, traffic. Without traffic, the optimization cycle is all for not. The above things to remember will help you avoid scams, and narrow down the lists of companies that will deliver for you.

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Five Best Blog Formats to Maximize Search Engine Optimization

Judson Gomez   June 29, 2015   Comments Off on Five Best Blog Formats to Maximize Search Engine Optimization

Maximize SEOThere are certain blog formats that complement keyword targeting because they maximize online exposure by addressing the overwhelming demands for information of internet users. People tend to do research with specific formats in their heads already, like when they like to find out the top brands of a certain appliance, or the pros and cons of their decisions.

They are more inclined to quantify and qualify their researches by trying to discover specific formats that they deem more useful and comprehensive. By also following these formats, you can maximize your SEO efforts and improve your online visibility.


1. Pros vs. Cons/Advantages vs. Disadvantages

If you engage in online selling and distributing, it is not enough to just use product and brand names as keywords because people like to get to the point – to know whether a product is good or bad. When online buyers do a research, they do not just type a product or brand name; they type pros and cons, and advantages and disadvantages. You will rank higher if you will readily provide the demanded information in this format already.

By writing pros and cons/advantages and disadvantages, you already sort out information the way readers want them to be. It is the same thing when you like to compare two things side by side because you can see the differences clearer.


2. How to’s

How often have you researched the term “how to…” when trying to learn a process? This is a question that most internet users love to ask. This kind of format is so demanded that it is now a domain in itself. That should not stop you from using the same format on your website, though.

When internet users like to learn a process, they do not just type “cooking,” “dancing” or “landscaping.” They type in “how to cook,” “how to dance” and “how to landscape” in every research. They like to have the instructions right away.

This format will work perfectly with SEO because internet users like to get instructions for free. This is also the reason why DIY has already taken a new meaning in the 21st century. DIY now also means do-it-yourself computer virus, do-it-yourself weight loss smoothie, do-it-yourself company and even do-it-yourself bomb (until FBI took the website down).


3. Do’s and Dont’s

When people go to Google for guidelines, they rarely use the term “guideline” as the keyword. What they look for is the do’s and dont’s. By using this format, you already become one step ahead by narrowing down the guidelines and grouping them for better comprehension.


4. Top lists

Rundowns, lists, countdowns or whatever you call them always grab attention because people are curious about the bests and worsts. People love to stay on track with trends and fads, so they refer to top lists for information. When people search a list, they do not demand for any random list; they want the list of the best and worst to narrow down their options. By playing to their demands, you get a bigger chance of ranking higher in the SERP.

Using top lists as a part of social proof marketing is also a fail-proof format because consumers also like to spend on wherever the money of other people are. If you use search engine optimization to earn through affiliate and multilevel programs, you should consider having your blog in this format.


5. Comparison

How many times have you used the term “vs” or “difference between” when doing a research? Aren’t they very common search terms? Whether it is a comparison between grammar rules or a comparison between two brands of tablet, you use a specific search term in addition to the main keyword to quality your research.

People love to compare because they want all their options already presented to them in weighed assessments. People will love revisiting your site if your format is user-friendly.